Who Is a Good Candidate to Undergo Oral Surgery?

One of the most concerning dental procedures to treat a problem is oral surgery. However, the term oral surgery makes most patients highly nervous as they consider oral surgery a significantly painful and complicated process. Many reasons make you a candidate for oral surgery. All experienced dentists try to find the most suitable treatment when you face a dental problem to restore your oral health. Among all the other options you have, oral surgery is the last choice that your dentist won’t recommend unless it’s truly needed. It’s a good idea to visit our specialists at 6006 Yonge Dental for an oral examination and understand the best option for you. Many patients avoid oral surgery, even if needed, without knowing how refusing it can lead to severe consequences. As a patient, it’s important to have enough information about your condition and realize why oral surgery is required. Otherwise, it’s hard to stay calm and relaxed during dental surgery, and you will suffer from a high level of anxiety. This blog will explain some conditions that may make you an oral surgery candidate.

Tooth Loss: No matter how you have lost your tooth, there are ways to replace it. Dental implants, dentures, and bridges are three popular tooth replacement options that you can use to restore your smile. However, tooth implants are considered more advanced and beneficial than are offered in single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement, all-on-4, and many other forms to match different needs. Getting dental implants is surgical, as the titanium posts should be inserted.

Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery

Facial Trauma: Your face, jaw, and facial bone structure may be severely damaged due to a dental emergency or facial injury. In such cases, maxillofacial surgery is needed as an important part of the treatment plan to return your formal appearance. 

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth are the final morals to erupt and can bring you a lot of damaging complications if you don’t extract them. Most people should remove their wisdom teeth in order to keep other teeth aligned and healthy. Otherwise, wisdom teeth can make your teeth crooked, which only can be fixed with orthodontic treatments that cost you money and time. Extracting wisdom teeth isn’t like regular tooth removal and should be done under the supervision of a reliable oral surgeon. 

Jaw Issues: Unequal jaw growth, dentures, and other disorders can make your jaw form irregular. In such cases, you should undergo orthognathic surgery, which is an oral surgery to solve jaw issues. Furthermore, it’s recommended not to get dentures if you suffer from jaw problems unless you undergo corrective jaw surgery. 

Gum Disease: If you don’t treat oral infection in its early stages, it can develop into advanced levels of periodontal disease. These conditions can be easily prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. But still, many people worldwide visit dental clinics suffering from gum disease. Your experienced periodontist can determine whether oral surgery is needed to drain the infection. Fortunately, most cases of periodontal disease can be treated by antibiotics if you visit your dentist on time.

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