What Are the Different Types of Dentistry Services?

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Your smile is your signature, and it’s necessary to learn how you can protect it in the most effective way possible. However, many people don’t know whom to visit when they face a dental problem and require proper care. This information is necessary if you want to preserve your smile. Our dentists at 6006 Yonge Dental can explain what dental care services you need and how these services can help you protect your shiny smile. Typically, each dental specialist offers a specific range of dentistry services. So, it’s important to analyze your needs, conditions, budget, preferences, and other important factors to make the wisest decision. Visiting the wrong dentist can waste your time, money, and energy. Moreover, you probably don’t know what other services a dentist can offer to improve your smile and oral health. Mostly, people prefer to visit general or cosmetic dentists rather than other professionals. Today’s blog explains different dentistry services and when you need them. 

Cosmetic dentistry: Cosmetic dentistry seeks to enhance the appearance of your smile and increase your self-confidence. Many visit cosmetic dentists for at-office teeth whitening treatment in order to have a brighter, shinier, and more pearly smile. There are many other cosmetic dental procedures you can choose from depending on your needs. Teeth shaping, dental implants, and porcelain veneers are other options a cosmetic dentist can provide to hide your tooth imperfections and make your smile look more attractive. 

Prosthodontic dentistry: If you want to restore a damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth, it’s time to visit a prosthodontic dentist. They offer many tooth replacement options, including full or partial dentures, tooth bridges, and implants to help you get rid of your missing teeth. These options, especially titanium implants, can restore the appearance and functionality of your mouth in the safest way possible. 

General dentistry: Typically, general dentists are the most popular professionals among patients. They are responsible for the patient’s overall health and dental hygiene. A general dentist offers comprehensive checkups and simple tooth removal if needed. They also provide preventative procedures and simple emergency treatments. 

Periodontal dentistry: If you are dealing with gum disease, it’s time to visit our skilled North York periodontists to regain your oral health. It’s necessary to address periodontal disease as soon as possible to stop the infection from extending to other parts of your mouth or body. 

Endodontic dentistry: If you have a severely decayed and infected tooth, it’s necessary to visit an endodontist right away. Root canal treatment is the most typical endodontic treatment used when a tooth is severely decayed and infected. Typically, emergency dentists refer patients to endodontists if they can address a decayed tooth with dental fillings. 

Orthodontic dentistry: If your teeth are misaligned and crooked, you must visit an orthodontist. These professionals offer many different procedures like braces or Invisalign treatment to make your teeth aligned and straightened. You can consult an experienced orthodontist to see which treatment is the most suitable one for you according to your needs. 

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