What Are the Common Consequences of Not Removing Wisdom Teeth?

It may be shocking to know how many people expose themselves to risks that could be easily prevented. It’s essential to have enough information about ways to protect your oral health to avoid possible problems in the future. That’s why people who are aware and educated about common dental problems have healthier teeth and gums. The best thing you can do in addition to maintaining good oral hygiene is to visit your dentist once in a while for a comprehensive checkup. At 6006 Yonge Dental, our dentists offer the best oral checkup services to ensure no risk of threatening oral health. A common dental problem that is better to be prevented in early stages is wisdom teeth eruption. In most cases, having your wisdom teeth removed is significantly recommended by your dentist to prevent further complications. However, many don’t understand the importance of wisdom teeth removal and ignore the signs until it’s too late. Therefore, learning about the consequences of not extracting your wisdom teeth may give you a vision of this important process. Continue to read this blog to keep your eyes open when it comes to wisdom teeth issues.

Further Dental Problems

The eruption of wisdom teeth is the source of a host of problems. An impacted wisdom tooth steals the space your other teeth need to thrive and causes many dental complications, such as periodontal disease, pain, and swelling. These oral issues are usually the first ones to surface, and you probably face more serious problems if you keep ignoring your wisdom teeth.

High Chance of Decay

As you probably know, tooth decay is the most common dental emergency, and it becomes more likely to occur after wisdom teeth eruption. The unique position of your wisdom teeth poses a more chance for tooth decay to happen and bring you more severe issues. That’s usually because of the negative effects of wisdom teeth on the quality of your oral hygiene routine since it’s hard to access and clean wisdom teeth.

Damaged Jaw

In due time, your jaw could be severely damaged because of your wisdom teeth. Typically, most people experience severe jaw pain when wisdom teeth are coming in. It can make your jawbone insufficient and weak, which is one of the reasons for tooth loss. Therefore, you have to get a tooth implant or denture to replace the tooth after treating your damaged jawbone.

Other Damaged Teeth

As mentioned before, wisdom teeth eruption puts extra pressure on other teeth and may make them shift positions. If you have had any orthodontic work performed before, non-removed wisdom teeth can make your teeth out of proper alignment, which is a waste of money and time. Hence, it’s necessary to understand the initial signs of wisdom teeth growth, especially if you have Invisalign or braces in the past.

Unattractive Smile

Overcrowding can make your smile unattractive as the result of wisdom teeth eruption. If you are one of those people who care about the cosmetic aspects of your smile, your crooked teeth can become a very serious problem.

You can visit our dentist for a checkup and examine the risk of wisdom teeth eruption!


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