Top Frequently Questions Asked by Patients Before Teeth Whitening

Nobody is interested in having discolored, yellowed, and stained teeth that won’t let them smile or laugh without being ashamed and uncomfortable. Having white, shiny, and healthy teeth is not a dream anymore, and people easily achieve the smile they always wish for by the advantages of cosmetic dentistry. You probably heard about teeth whitening as a prevalent treatment for those interested in having a quick and effective cosmetic treatment without expensive costs or complicated steps. Expert dentists and professionals of 6006 Yonge Dental have provided dental cosmetic treatments and services for years with a high rate of patient satisfaction, and explain that teeth whitening treatment is the most requested procedure by patients according to their observations over the years. Although there are many other cosmetic services for having your teeth whitened and achieving a great smile, like dental veneers, they aren’t as straightforward as teeth whitening, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. You can discover explanations to the most frequently asked questions here that give you valuable information and a clearer vision about teeth whitening treatment to make the right decision.


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Is there any possibility of damage during the teeth whitening process? ​

Teeth whitening is considered one of the safest cosmetic treatments options that can be used for patients of different ages. However, you need to know there is no safety guarantee for a patient with other dental issues who requests teeth whitening treatment. Professional cosmetic dentists easily recognize severe dental problems for symptoms and refer the patients to suitably skilled dentists such as emergency dentists, endodontists, etc.

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Is teeth whitening effective on other dental restorations?

People with dental veneers or dentures usually ask the cosmetic dentist if teeth whitening can be performed on their dental restorations. The answer is a definite no, as teeth whitening can only affect your regular teeth. If you find your dental veneers or dentures are discolored, it’s recommended to visit a dentist who performed the treatment for you.

Will my dead tooth react to the teeth whitening process?

Dead teeth are usually the results of root canal treatment, done by a professional endodontist when there is no other way to save your teeth. Unfortunately, you can see the effects of teeth this treatment on dead teeth as they rarely benefit from teeth whitening due to their completely different condition.

How long will teeth whitening last?

Even the most specialized cosmetic treatments like dental implants won’t last forever, so it’s expected to see the results of teeth whitening treatment for almost a year. Nevertheless, the durability of teeth whitening treatment entirely depends on your lifestyle, oral hygiene, and diet.

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