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When your tooth has been damaged or has deteriorated beyond repair it may require a tooth extraction. Dr Hamid Paknahad is a professional dentist who has years of experience and can perform your tooth extraction with care and safely. A broken tooth or unsuccessful root canal can become a dental emergency, and may lead to an emergency extraction. At Family Dental North York we are able to schedule your tooth extraction or fit you in for an emergency tooth extraction when required.
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Tooth Extraction Service

To extract a tooth the mouth is frozen with local anesthesia so there will be no pain felt during the procedure, but you may hear the roots as they release the tooth, and you may feel slight pressure as it is removed. The tooth is wiggled back and forth until it becomes loose and the roots break, allowing the tooth to be tugged free of the gums. After the procedure there may be some pain or discomfort, and the gums may receive a stitch to help them heal back together. Where infection is a concern antibiotics will be prescribed and a warm salt water rinse may be recommended after the first few days to encourage healing.

A tooth may need to be extracted if it is broken to the root, or if pieces are missing that leave the dentin and the root exposed in a way that a filling and a crown may not be able to protect.

When a root canal fails the tooth will require extraction, or when an infection has damaged the roots and the tooth. In a scheduled extraction antibiotics may be prescribed before the procedure to ensure there is no build up within the gums to block the freezing, and to be clear of infection before the gums are opened.

In some cases of abscess tooth or a tooth that has not yet erupted but is already damaged or will not fit within the mouth without damaging other teeth, such as not enough room or tooth facing the wrong way, it may be extracted before it comes through the gums. In these cases the gums will be cut open, the tooth wiggled loose of its roots, and it will be removed through the gums which are then stitched to promote fast healing.

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A tooth extraction is a safe procedure when done correctly but it will require aftercare, and instructions will be provided. They are most often completed with local anesthesia and can be performed in office unless there are complications expected. Some wisdom tooth extractions will be referred to a specialist.

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Our Family Dental Clinic North York is able and prepared to perform tooth extractions when needed, but all efforts will be made to preserve a tooth whenever possible. An extracted tooth can be replaced with a dental implant or a bridge or partial denture may be prepared where more then one tooth is missing or a dental implant is not a suitable option. Our clinic can provide full dental services through the exam and treatment plan creation, through the extraction, and can help prepare and install a bridge or dental implant as needed.

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