Is It Possible to Choose Invisalign Treatment While Having Veneers?

Is It Possible to Choose Invisalign Treatment While Having Veneers?

Many patients ask their dentists whether they can get Invisalign while they have porcelain covers in their mouths. Although it seems to be impossible, you should know it’s easier than most people think. The important point you should consider before reading the answer to this question is your main purpose of doing this. What is your main goal of getting Invisalign, and how can it meet your demands ideally? Our team of experienced dentists at 6006 Yonge Dental is ready to help you in the most practical way possible based on what you explain to them. It’s necessary to understand your wishes and make a wise decision after considering all important factors. This treatment isn’t always a suitable choice, but it can be significantly beneficial for some other patients. You need to describe your demands and needs to your dentist to help them create the most suitable treatment plan possible. Our clinic offers the best Invisalign services in North York, but first, you should understand whether it can make you satisfied, especially because you already have porcelain shells. Here are a few questions to answer in order to clarify your decision.

Are You Unsatisfied with Your Veneer Shape?

It’s a huge mistake to get Invisalign because you don’t like your veneers’ shape, size, or color. Before you make any decisions, your dentist has to assess your veneer condition. It’s important to understand that Invisalign treatment can only align your teeth and has nothing to do with their shape, color, and size. Therefore, it’s much better to replace your veneers rather than the that treatment. You can come to our clinic to receive quality veneer services in North York and be happy with your smile once again.

Have Your Teeth Moved Since You Got Veneers?

It’s important to explain to our North York cosmetic dentists what your teeth looked like before getting veneers. Some patients had completely aligned teeth and wanted to get veneers only for aesthetic purposes. After a while, their teeth shifted and became misaligned, which is why it is suitable for them even though their teeth are covered by veneers. On the other hand, our experienced orthodontists in North York may recommend some patients with slightly crooked teeth to use veneers instead of braces. In this scenario, it’s better to avoid Invisalign.

Are You Ready to Replace Those Shells When Needed?

If your dentist said you can get Invisalign treatment even though you have veneers, there is something important you should know in advance. In rare cases, veneers may appear misaligned because they aren’t firmly placed in their specific position after Invisalign. It’s more likely to happen in patients with poor oral hygiene. It’s better to visit our experienced oral hygienists in North York and ask them to give you a few helpful tips tailored to your condition.

Finally, getting Invisalign treatment while having veneers is possible but not always recommended. Those aligners affect your veneers as well as your natural teeth if they are bonded properly. You can visit our dentist to see if you are qualified!

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