How to Maintain Our Oral Health?

Having healthier, whiter, and cleaner teeth guarantees your dazzling smile. In better words, looking gorgeous with a unique smile is no longer exclusively for celebrities. It is just enough to be knowledgeable about oral health tips and care about your oral hygiene regularly. Needless to say that prevention is always better than spending money on dental treatments. For those who live in North York, 6006 Yonge Dental is a trusted clinic to have regular dental visits and observe your oral hygiene. Since our valued patients frequently seek the most unrivaled tips about their oral health, we manifest some of them in this article.


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Consider the Right Time for Brushing

Although it is always said to brush and floss your teeth regularly as the most prominent tip considering your oral hygiene, the proper brushing time may not have been emphasized enough. Generally, foods and beverages containing high sugar will definitely lead to bacteria accumulation in your mouth, damaging the enamel for almost half an hour. It means your enamel is at its weakest during this time. So, keep in mind that brushing immediately after eating and drinking is not suggested. It is the same as acidic foods and drinks, including lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.  

Beyond any doubt, delicious foods and drinks make your mouth water. But, they are not necessarily harmless. Try to reduce having crackers, chips, soft drinks, fast foods, sandwiches; otherwise, you will soon have to refer to an emergency dentist to remove your severe, painful dental issues such as an infection or dental decay.

Besides, consuming some foods and drinks such as coffee or colored foods can cause teeth discoloration, and as a result, it will negatively affect your teeth’ beauty. Then you will need to spend money to whiten your teeth and restore their brightening with methods such as teeth whitening treatment.

It is often suggested to brush your teeth twice a day. Believe it or not, one of the significant times for brushing is in the morning. Brushing in the morning is the best opportunity to get rid of accumulated debris and food particles between your teeth.

Do not neglect to floss. This is oral health care as important as brushing. Keep in mind that there are always some food particles stuck between your teeth. In addition, it is almost challenging to brush all parts of your teeth and mouth. This is what flossing does. You can also rinse your mouth with mouthwash regularly, killing all possible harmful bacteria in your mouth.


What Happens If You Ignore Your Oral Hygiene?

Having a healthy oral situation is a window reflecting your overall health along with your appearance. If you strive to make an impression in your meetings, having a sparkling smile is of the essence. Of course, this is only one aspect of the whole issue. Ignoring your oral health equivalents to facing pain and swelling in your teeth and gums. The case can even go further and lead to losing your natural tooth. This is the end of the road for your tooth. Then you will need to go through single tooth replacement methods such as dental implants. Do not want to face such problems? Take care of your oral health.


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