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Many times an endodontist is required for a root canal procedure, and it is valuable take advantage of their knowledge and experience. We keep an endodontist available for our office at Family Dental North York as we appreciate the value of their experience and the continuity of care that is provided when you can have all your dental needs met in one dental office. Contact our office for your consultation and to book your next appointment, and for an emergency appointment when needed and allow our endodontist to care for your teeth.

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Endodontist Specialist in North York!

Endodontics is a kind of dental treatment in which the dentist’s high expertise and experience are needed.

In case you are looking for a trusted endodontist with significant experience in North York, our dental clinic will definitely be your best option. You can expect our team of professional endodontists to perform a stress-free and painless root canal treatment.

We are devoted to meeting each patient dental need perfectly. Our comprehensive facility features, modern techniques, the latest equipment, and high-quality material to provide you with the best possible care and treatment.

Do not hesitate to call us right now to make an appointment and have your decayed tooth treated painlessly in no time.

When a patient needs endodontics?

When a tooth pulp, the soft tissue inside the teeth, becomes inflamed or infected, a patient needs an endodontic treatment. Tooth deep decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, and repeated dental treatments are among the leading causes of teeth inflammation and infection.

Sometimes, an injury may damage the tooth’s pulp in a way that there is no visible sign on the tooth’s surface. No matter why, endodontic treatment should be performed by an endodontist for an infected tooth as soon as possible since it can be extremely painful and lead to an abscess or even a tooth loss.

Our dedicated and caring endodontists are always ready to provide you with a painless and stress-free endodontic treatment in North York. You will experience no complications by our endodontics services.

Common Signs You Need an endodontic treatment!

Tooth decay typically has no special sign at its early stages.

This is why regular dentist visits are essential to examine your oral health.

But when you experience some symptoms such as persistent, sharp pain, sensitivity to cold and heat, swollen gum area, dark tooth discoloration, and chipped or cracked tooth, call our office in North York without killing time to see an endodontist.

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Who is an endodontist?

Endodontists are dental specialists who have become certified to perform a root canal or endodontic treatment. When your tooth pulp gets infected, and the infection reaches the tooth root, you need to visit your endodontist for dental surgery.

Endodontists exclusively focus on saving a badly damaged tooth from a tooth loss. Give us a call today to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

What happens during endodontic treatment?

An endodontist, who specializes in such a procedure, can remove the infected pulp inside the tooth and cleans the area during a root canal therapy. Once the endodontist cleans the teeth, he shapes the root and fills it with special material.

Dr Hamid Paknahad will tell some instructions after the treatment, and you should consider them in order not to face any complications.

In case you need root canal therapy, you can schedule an appointment with our certified endodontist. We work dedicatedly to solve your problem with no pain and complications.

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