Do Dental Crowns Last Long? All You Need to Know

As cosmetic dentistry has provided different kinds of procedures to other requirements, it’s normal to find yourself hesitant to decide which cosmetic dental treatment can be proper. Your smile and teeth are one of the most impressive features of your face, directly affecting your self-confidence and various aspects of your life. It’s the main reason for recent cosmetic dentistry developments that offer patients the most convenient services and give them a dreamy smile. Dental crowns are one of the most prevalent cosmetic dental procedures used to restore your damaged tooth’s standard shape, size, and function in the best possible way.


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Here at 6006 Yonge Dental, professional cosmetic dentists are trained and prepared to perform the dental crown procedure for patients with severe cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth and give them a shiny and self-confidence booster smile. Furthermore, your cosmetic dentist can benefit from dental crowns to protect weakened teeth, attach dental bridges, or shield a tooth that has undergone an endodontic treatment. However, most patients ask questions about the durability and how long dental crowns can last after getting them, which we explain entirely below.

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How long can dental crowns last?

Dental crowns are considered one of the most common restorative procedures like implant treatment, usually used for patients who fill their teeth after root canal therapy. Their average lifespan is around ten years which can be increased if adequately fabricated and maintained.

What can affect the lifespan of dental crowns?

Your oral habits and lifestyle are two practical factors influencing the lifespan of your dental crown. The quality of the oral hygiene you maintain is vital after getting restorative or preventive oral treatment such as implants, crowns, etc. Furthermore, keep in mind that maintaining your oral hygiene is essential to prevent stains from appearing on your dental crowns since whitening treatments won’t be helpful for any dental restoration.

Furthermore, serious dental problems, procedures, and dental surgeries can affect the durability of your dental crown, so it’s essential to clearly explain your oral condition to your dentist or oral surgeon before taking any action. People with better oral conditions and without problematic medical histories are better candidates for dental crowns and usually don’t need to replace them like patients with the unhealthy oral condition who face different types of dental emergencies and other issues.

How are dental crowns compared to dental veneers?

In general, the primary difference between a crown and a veneer is how they cover your teeth. Dental veneers are the most common cosmetic dental procedures usually used by patients with minor aesthetic problems. There are also differences in thickness and durability as dental veneers may not last as long as crowns because they are thinner.

Generally, dental crowns are better options if you have any severe cracks, decay, or excessive wear, but neither of them can replace your missing teeth, and you need to get dental implants or dentures according to your needs.

Don’t forget that choosing a great cosmetic dentist who can also refer you to other reliable professionals for periodontal disease or other oral problems is important and affect the result you gain.

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