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Researchers said that many people pay attention to the smile when they meet other people for the first time. Your smile is a signature of your character and can help impress others. People with flawless, attractive smiles are usually more confident and can laugh or talk comfortably in a friend group. On the other hand, people with misaligned or discolored teeth don’t like to smile and feel ashamed when they laugh it to talk to others. One of the biggest problems affecting the appearance of your smile is losing one or more teeth. If you feel embarrassed to smile with missing teeth, it’s highly recommended to consider tooth replacement options. Our experienced dentists at 6006 Yonge Dental can help you be confident again by replacing your missing teeth in the best way possible. Thanks to the considerable dentistry developments, there are many options you can choose to regain your beautiful smile. Two of the most popular options for patients pick dental implants and dentures. These two options have their advantages and disadvantages, so you need to make your choice depending on your condition, needs and preferences. Today’s article explains how dental implants and dentures are different from each other, helping you to make your final decision wisely.

Dentures Vs. Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Dental Implants

If you seek a long-term solution to replace missing teeth, you must consider dental implants. An experienced implant dentist will place a titanium post surgically in your jaw. This post acts like a tooth root, supporting your jaw and the prosthetic tooth as well.


  • They look like natural teeth.
  • You barely need dental implant repair as they are perfectly strong.
  • They are durable and long-lasting.
  • Dental implants can prevent periodontal disease, tooth loss, jawbone loss and other serious problems.


  • A dental implant procedure is considered an expensive treatment.
  • You may need to have a bone graft surgery to get qualified.
  • You need to be patient, as the dental implant procedure is lengthy.

Who can be a dental implant candidate?

First of all, you need your mouth to be completely healthy. People who used to smoke or drink alcohol have less chance of being suitable candidates. Depending on the number of missing teeth, you can choose single-tooth implants, All-on-4 implants, etc. It means implant dentistry provides different options for different needs.


When it comes to dentures, most people imagine traditional dentures. Nowadays, modern dentures are designed to replace your missing teeth in the best way possible and have a natural look and function.


  • Dentures are less expensive than dental implants.
  • No complicated dental surgery is needed for dentures.
  • You can choose removable or fixed dentures based on your needs.


  • You may feel your oral hygiene routine has become more challenging.
  • Dentures aren’t as durable as dental implants.

Who Can Get Dentures?

If you have lost most of your natural teeth, a denture is a good option. In such cases, tooth removal is needed for all remaining natural teeth. Then your dentist can place complete dentures, giving you a beautiful smile.

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