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Dental Veneer in North York!

A dental veneer can be used to offer protection and improve the appearance of a tooth that has a cavity, a chip or break, or has staining that can not be removed. It is created most often from porcelain and will be shaped and coloured to match the surrounding teeth. They require no additional care after installation then the natural teeth, and should be brushed and flossed as normal, and regular dental cleanings and check ups allows the dentist to ensure they are still bonded well to the tooth behind. A veneer covers just the front of the tooth so there is still risk of cavities forming in the back or sides of the teeth.

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The veneer is created offsite and will be present at the installation appointment. At this time the tooth will have been repaired the best it can and will be protected from bacteria or particles getting inside the tooth. The outer enamel of the tooth will then be prepared for installation by creating a rough surface to adhere too. This process may leave the teeth more susceptible to sensitivity by thinning the enamel so must be done carefully enough for the boning agent to adhere to the tooth and the veneer on the side that the veneer will be on only. The veneer will then be bonded to the front of the tooth where it is expected to last up to fifteen years before it requires replacement.

Dental Veneers:

Where many of the teeth are stained or discoloured, if they are unevenly spaced, or where they are not how the patient wants them to appear the veneers can be added in a cosmetic dental procedure where many veneers are placed over the front few teeth to create an even appearance. This allows for teeth to appear white, bright, evenly spaced, and similar to each other. As veneers grow in popularity they are being made to last longer and appear more natural.
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At Family Dental North York we can create the mold for your veneers and do installations. We are prepared to offer ongoing maintenance for your veneers along with regular dental care and cleanings. Veneers are low maintenance once installed and require only to be brushed, flossed, and cleaned along with the natural teeth and any chips or breakage should be checked by the dentist for repair.

Our office can help with the complete process from diagnosis and forming the treatment plan to installing and caring for your veneers, whether it be one or a full set. Veneers are safe and can last several years without any damage or repairs required. After approximately eight to fifteen years the veneer will show wear or may become broken and require replacement.

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