Can You Wear Invisalign If You Have Missing Teeth?

Having a set of aligned and straightened teeth can be a dream for some people. Many don’t feel comfortable showing their teeth when they smile because of their crooked and misaligned teeth. Your life routines can be affected when you lack confidence. Fortunately, there are many different orthodontic treatments to fix misaligned teeth and give you a dreamy smile. It’s highly recommended to visit our experienced dentists at 6006 Yonge Dental to understand which orthodontic procedure can meet your needs in the best way possible. Nowadays, clear aligners have become more popular than traditional braces. That’s because of their unique features and beautiful appearance.


The Invisalign technology can give you a shiny smile and fix tooth misalignment without any drawbacks associated with metal braces. Most people can be candidates for Invisalign treatment to achieve a shiny, pearly smile in the end. However, having missing may sound like a big deal if you want to get clear aligners. There is still an opportunity that you may be eligible for Invisalign treatment if you have a few missing teeth. All the information you need about this subject can be found here.

Invisalign Treatment and Missing Teeth

You may lose one or more of your teeth due to different reasons like poor oral hygiene, dental trauma, etc. Ignored missing teeth can lead to unwanted complications such as tooth shifting, crooked teeth and dental gaps, especially when the tooth has been missing for a long time. Thanks to the advances in dentistry, you have many different options to restore missing teeth. Experts usually recommend a combination of a tooth implant and Invisalign treatment to restore your smile effectively. Dental implants can restore the health and function of your mouth by replacing missing teeth in the best way possible. Then it’s time for clear aligners to fix tooth misalignment and give you a flawless smile. Otherwise, complications like periodontal disease, gum receded gums, and tooth infection are highly possible.

Things Invisalign Can’t Fix

Although clear aligners are unique, they are not a proper solution for every situation and every patient. Traditional braces are still a better option in some cases. You can ask your experienced orthodontist about the severity of your problem and whether you can be an Invisalign candidate.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

There are many advantages to clear aligners. Here are the benefits of getting Invisalign treatment for missing teeth:

  • Increased confidence – missing teeth can destroy the beauty of your smile. Just like cosmetic dental procedures, Invisalign treatment can boost your confidence and give you a more attractive smile.

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