Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

We may all experience the bitter experience of tooth loss at least once in our lives. Not having teeth can be a great obstacle to beautiful and confident smiles. Especially if the missing tooth occurs in the front row and is visible, the person will undoubtedly lose confidence in smiling, especially in public. But the problem is more than just a smile. When a person has one or more missing teeth for any reason, they will no longer be able to chew food properly and follow a proper diet. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, replacing a lost tooth should be a priority for anyone who suffers from it.


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Thanks to advances in cosmetic dental treatments, there are many ways to replace missing teeth today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. According to most dentists, among all the methods of replacing lost teeth, dental implants are much more modern and natural than others. If you are one of those people suffering from one or more missing teeth for any reason, you can visit our advanced and professional clinic, 6006 Yonge Dental in North York and the neighborhood to enjoy the new tooth in the blink of an eye and feel confident to smile again.

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What Kind of Cosmetic Dental Treatment Is It?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, dental implants are a new way to replace missing teeth that can almost be said that is the most popular method ever. A person may lose a tooth due to a severe dental issue, gum disease, or an emergency dental issue. For any reason and as many as missing teeth usually have, you can easily benefit from dental implants and enjoy your comfortable life. Dental implants are available in a single tooth replacement form and multiple teeth replacement forms. As the name implies, they are titanium screws that are fused to the patient’s jaw. Once the surgery healing time is passed, other cosmetic dental treatments such as dental bonding or dental crown will be applied to restore the appearance of the false tooth.

One of the most prominent features of implanted teeth is their appearance and function. According to dentists and dental patients, they are very similar to natural teeth so that no one may ever notice the presence of an implanted tooth in your mouth. In addition, dental implants act much like real teeth because they are fused to the patient’s jaw, fixed in the jaw, and not movable.

Is This Cosmetic Dental Treatment Expensive?

If we want to be realistic, we can say dental implants are not cheap cosmetic treatments. In fact, implanting a new tooth in a way that looks and acts very much like a natural tooth will not be cheap. But if you consider the features and benefits of dental implants, you will surely conclude that although this dental treatment may be expensive, it is worth it. In addition, today, different clinics have different payment options along with insurance for individuals and patients to help them pay for dental expenses.

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